Humbaur Eine Million

Our story

Do you know how it all began? Humbaur has been around for a long time. But everything was very different in the beginning. Back then, a first millionth trailer was barely imaginable and now it’s become a reality.

How it all started

We didn’t reinvent the wheel, but we certainly got the best out of it. Namely with our trailers and box bodies. And they’re impressive to behold. But let’s take a look at the beginning. Everything started in the tranquil town of Donauwörth in 1957. That’s when Anton Humbaur founded a dealership for agricultural machinery. We moved into our newly built warehouse with office buildings in Gersthofen 23 years later when the whole of Germany had become captivated by these little cubes.

The very first passenger vehicle trailer was sold

1981 was the year that we sold our first passenger vehicle trailer. At that time it came from Italy. We meticulously adapted it to meet the requirements of the German market. A year later, Ulrich Humbaur joined the company, and today he is the managing director. Two years after that we began to manufacture our own passenger vehicle trailers. The growing demand proved us right, enabling us to gradually expand our products for private clients and for commercial use.

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Humbaur makes it happen

Our image video

You too can have first-hand experience of our company, our work, our trailers, our team and our customers.

Our milestone

Becoming Germany’s number one trailer brand*

By 1998 we had manufactured our first horse trailer. And even today this business segment remains very close to our hearts. It goes without saying that we place special importance on the safety and comfort of our horse trailers.

In 2001 we built and moved into a new office and production building. Its surface area was over 22,000 square metres. And it was built in Gersthofen, of course. And because the site became too small too quickly, four years later we built a second production hall measuring over 23,000 square metres.

Customer satisfaction is our main concern. That’s why in 2007 we set up a European service network, which we continue to expand to this day.

The following award proves to us that we’ve got it right: Germany’s no. 1 trailer brand*. We’ve already won this accolade twice in a row, and because we continue to do all we can to keep our customers happy, we’ve won it again.

* Total number of new registrations in Germany in 2019 in the motor vehicle trailers segment with a permissible maximum weight of up to 3.5 t; source: Management Services Helwig Schmitt GmbH

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